The Bag


And no, we’re not talking a man-purse, a man-bag, or whatever you want to call it. We’re talking about your Work Bag—the “Dad’s Briefcase” of the 21st century.

When picking out your work bag, sticking to thes essentials will never lead you astray.

  • Versatile: A—go-anywhere do-anything your workday can through at you—bag of sorts.
  • Adaptable: From car to plane, this things gotta be game (rhyme not intentional).
  • Durable: You’ll be using it day in and day out. It just has to last.

Durability is the most important feature, so if it means investing for quality sake, do it. We recommend leather (like the above), but that’s our taste. If leather is not your thing, try canvas with reinforced leather corners and buckles (they’ll help with the durability thing we keep talking about). Just stay away from synthetics.

It’s all about your taste. Remember, style is all about your self-expression. We just provide the resources.

-Rochester Sartorial



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