And where back with another Sartorial Quick Tip: The Peacoat


It seems the peacoat, the double-breasted wool coat with broad lapels and wooden buttons, is popping up everywhere. From James Bond to Kanye West, anyone can and should have this maritime-essential in their closet.

Pretty much any fashion brand offers some variation of the peacoat. Better yet, you can pick up an authentic U.S. Navy issue peacoat at most army/navy surplus stores for half the coast of most major brands. Today you can find tailored versions that are brought in a bit giving it a slimmer profile. And stick to the primary peacoat colors: navy blue, charcoal, or black.

We recommend wearing the peacoat at casual events—friendly get-togethers, downtown loft parties, or even when you’re out running some errands. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up a bit through layers. Try a pair black slacks, dark khaki chinos, or even indigo jeans, a button down, and a thick cable knit sweater on top of that. Oh yeah, a scarf is almost always a must. But in all honesty, you can really do whatever you want with this thing, as long as you don’t try to pass it off as dressy.

-Rochester Sartorial


Veteran’s Day.


Rochester Sartorial is taking an extended weekend. More of like a “take half of the week off because it’s veteran’s day, and everyone should go spend time with their families” weekend.

We’ll continue our shenanigans on Thurday.

Rochester Sartorial: Always providing only the truest style advice—baked fresh daily. The way it ought to be.

Speaking of Art…


There’s a flier about town promising “One night of love…Art.”

It’s brought to you by Rochester’s UNderground ARTist happening—yeah catchy title. But it seems interesting enough.

Fella’s of the “Happening” are turning a Downtown warehouse into an art gallery for one night and one night only…Well, we hope not! This sorts of shin-dig is pretty popular in places like, Chicago, New York City, and LA. So lets keep them coming!

The artshow is going to feature:

  • 15 local artists. One of whom is Bobby Marines from “Thursdays on First” and various other art projects showcased in Downtown Rochester.
  • Their art—painting, photography, video, & sculpture,
  • Music
  • Drinks
  • And many other creative types looking to stir some creative and intellectual senses

Sounds good to us. We’ll have to check it out. We’ll report back with some highlights from the event.

-Rochester Sartorial

When and Where: Saturday, November 10, at 7:30pm. 115 N. Broadway.

Fifty Shades of Hipster-wear


Yeah yeah, it seems as though the iconic plastic-wraps, known as the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, are everywhere and on everyone—for a good reason.

Affordable and potential to look great on just about anyone, the Wayfarer has the magical ability to cross gender lines, face-shapes and attitudes. From city-hipster to business something-or-another, pretty much anyone can rock these. Besides, it’s cool to protect your eyes.

We recommend the New Wayfarer because of their updated size and fit. Try a matte havana finish with green lenses or the classic tortoise also with green lenses (noticing a trend here?). They’re actually less common than the simple blacks but will still get attention like some of the bolder colored frames—but in a good way. Being subtle, it takes a trained eye to notice them—which is the kind of company you’ll want to keep.

Plus, JFK had a pair of the tortoise—check please.

-Rochester Sartorial


Everyone Should Own at Lease One: A Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

MOULIN ROUGE: LA GOULUE, HENRI de TOULOUSE-LAUTREC 1891, lithograph on woven paper

We don’t care who you are. Every home deserves some great art. Whether you can afford the real thing or just a print doesn’t matter. Show your house some style-love and get something by the greats.

This piece by Toulouse-Lautrec is a great place to start. It’s recognizable but not too recognizable, so it will most likely start conversation—if you fancy that sort of thing. It’s full of color and will great on any wall or picture frame. So you can really design around this piece with any budget.

You can usually find prints—like this one!—from places like Michaels, Hobby-Lobby, or IKEA.  We recommend something modern with a bit of color.

Toulouse-Lautrec was a post-impressionist & art-Nouveau famous in Paris during the later 1800’s. He moved around a little bit, but that’s for another article.

-Rochester Sartorial

The Cardigan: dress it up…or down. You choose.


The cardigan can dress-down an otherwise uptight slacks & dress-shirt combo, while being able to dress-up a jean & shirt combo.


Also, with the weather heading south, the cardigan is a layering icon—if there ever was such a thing. You don’t have to worry about pulling it over your head when things get a bit chilly…or hot.

If you are dressing-up a casual outfit, wear your cardigan like you’re not trying to call attention to yourself. Wear it like a matter-of-fact—such as, “Matter-of-fact: it’s chilly. I’m going to put on my cardigan to my otherwise fine outfit.” Do this and you will be just fine.

We recommend looking for neutral colors—grey, charcoal, or a variety of blues—so that you can pair it with as many items as you’d like. You want it to be versatile. Focus on texture (like the one in the picture). Texture says, “style” but in a subtle way.

-Rochester Sartorial


Sartorial Quick Tip: Telling Time.


What do you do when somebody asks you, “What time is it?” Hopefully, you’re not reaching into your pocket to grab your phone, or worse: the phone’s already in your hand because you just got done checking some text, tweet, or Facebook status update.

Don’t get us wrong, mobile phones are great. They do lots for us, but they’re never—never—a substitute for a fine timepiece.

You should care about owning a watch for the same reasons you feel naked without your wallet. Being with you day-in and day-out, your watch becomes a part of your personality. It makes a statement—a bold one. And yes, it tells time too.

The wristwatch is the pinnacle style-accessory. Now, you can go big, go subtle, or have a selection. That’s up to you and your income, social-status, or whatever you want to call it. Either way, every man should have his “everyday watch.” That’s a good starting point.

The your everyday watch should be durable (stainless steel=no rust), it should be style-neutral, and it should be of moderate to high-quality. This means passing on the vending machine digitals. Seriously, if it means saving up some green-backs, do it. It’s well worth it. Trust us.

-Rochester Sartorial

ARTBASH 2012…Of course you should go.


Art, dinner, fundraiser, and an after party…of course you should go.

If you care about anything art or culture, you should go. What about style, fun, people, and good causes? This is the event to attend.

ARTBASH 2012 is a benefit for Rochester (MN) Art Center. The event boasts “an evening of casual elegance that will surely ignite all your senses.” And who doesn’t like their senses ignited?

The evening will start off with a cocktail hour—bring your personality, Dinner at 7pm followed by exhibitions and general mingling (which you should do). The night concludes with an after party, which you’ll want to go to…Trust us.

Check out the ARTBASH website for more info.

-Rochester Sartorial


The Moka pot.


Who says you need an expensive espresso maker to get some great espresso at home? If you’re lookking to get into the espresso game, it might be worth while to check-out the stove-top espresso maker—also known as the Moka pot.

The Moka pot let’s you brew a great cup of espresso without too much fuss or cost really. This one by Bialetta will get you started at $30 for a six cups.

No home should be without means of making a great cup of espresso for yourself, for your guests, or for a quick pick-me-up just before taking on a project. Besides, let’s be real here. That expensive espresso maker is probably only going to collect more dust than.

Don’t get us wrong, nothing beats espresso and espresso drinks for a top-notch espresso maker. While Moka pots are great, they can’t make “true” espresso. True espresso requires at least nine bars of pressure, and the Moka pot produces a max of 1.5 bars of pressure. Still, it’s a great starting point and a great cup of espresso.

-Rochester Sartorial

Glasses: Hemingway wore them, and he was a bad-ass.


Whether your a braggadocio, a machismo, or just near-sighted, your glasses say more about your personality & style than—dare we say?—your entire wardrobe.

If you’re due for a new pair, or your just getting into your first, we believe you should go bold or go home. Glasses are personal like your signature, so why not represent yourself tastefully?

When it comes to choosing a pair of bold frames, check out the gallery at Their vintage inspired frames boast old-school appeal from straight-up nerd to dignified professor or 50’s businessman-type. You get the idea.

-Rochester Sartorial


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