The Slip on Loafer: There’s nothing wrong with that all.



Ode to the slip on loafer:

My how you’ve grown up. Years ago we’d turn our backs on you thinking you’d be a perfect fit for our father’s wardrobe.

“A loafer me? Never,” we’d say.

But then my fellow readers, we were but kids.

There it is. The loafer, like a lot of men’s fashion, has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings. Not specific to one occasion, the loafer comes in many shapes and sizes. We’re going to focus on something a little more dressy, but that doesn’t mean you can have a little fun with it.

This pair, or just shoe, works great with formal wear—of course. Pair it with black or blue slacks with black socks, and you’ll do just fine. But if you want a to spice things up a bit, keep reading.

Try digging some black loafers with a pair of slim indigo jeans. Take advantage of the the slim tailor in your jeans and wear a pair of red socks. The slim cut will reveal your red socks, and thus your Abarth side (pronounced Ah-Bart), to go along with it. Black, indigo and red? That’s the stuff legends are made of.

-Rochester Sartorial.

We don’t write a post script often, so when we do, we recommend you listen. These shoes would alos look great without socks—sockless. Yeah, it’s getting cold out. That’s why this is a post-script.


Next Please: Oxford Lace-Ups.



Nothing says, “classic” like the traditional oxford lace-up.

They used to be  the “everyday-ers” that would fit any outfit really. But back then, most outfits included slacks. Now a days, we have the luxury to dress up jeans, and nothing dresses up jeans and a button up combo like a pair of lived-in classic oxfords.

The shoe above sports a modern low profile sole with a pronounced heel that gives this shoe its iconic status.

Pair any black shoe with black—of course—or navy blue for starters. Once you get more confident, try any plethora of multi-colored chinos. The world is your canvas.

-Rochester Sartorial

Fall Territory: The Chukka


What is a Chukka do you ask?

Put plainly, Chukkas are ankle-length boots with two or three pairs of eyelets for lacing. They gained their popularity back in the 1940s and 50s when they were known as casual wear. But for today’s man, the Chukka is perfect for dressing up a casual outfit or dressing down your slacks and sweater combo.

We see a lot of them showing up right around fall because of their versatility (see above), color—which is usually a shade of brown or tan—, and protection against falling temps and changing weather.

We recommend at least one pair of these in your sartorial arsenal because they’re comfortable when broken-in but still look good enough for a night out.

-Rochester Sartorial

Canvas Sneaks: Perfect for any occasion…almost.


This week, we’re featuring shoes for the sartorial savvy. To start, let’s reminisce about the warm days gone by.

With summer long gone, most are packing away their dog-day kicks and replacing them with boots perfect for trudging through slush-stack sidewalks. But for some, the sneaks never get put away. Canvas sneaks are just too versatile  and let’s be honest, they look too damn good to be completely rulled out.

First word of caution though: bust out the sneaks only when you know the weather is going to be manageable  There’s no sense in getting your feet soaked to the bone from a freak snow storm, or frozen off for that matter because the temp dropped down to -15 F.

But if the weather is looking dandy and the cost is clear, go ahead, wear the hell out of those versatile sun of a guns.

We recommend light canvas (white or cream) with a gum sole. Don’t worry too much about spoiling your kicks. If they get too dirty, just throw them in the wash.

-Rochester Sartorial

Textured Knit Ties: Winter, here we come.


Tis the season for dressing warm and taking any chance at adding a little color to an otherwise typically dark season for style. Textured knit ties can help you do both.

Ties keep things classy, but the texture of a fine knit tie helps bring the up-tight dress up down a notch, and it looks perfect with a sweater. And like we’ve said before, texture always adds a sense of sartorial wisdom to any style-concious connoisseur. Whether silk or wool, It shows you pay attention to the details and that you care about those details.

Also, knit ties offer a chance to throw in a bit of color and excitement—just check out the example above (but don’t get too carried away). Sometimes all it takes is a tie to pull yourself together.

-Rochester Sartorial

Living: the Rochester Art Center


A night of contemporary art at the beautiful Rochester Art Center? Of course you should go.

The RAC is moving forward in their second season of RAC2 with the work of local artists Michelle Fagan and William Schmidt. The exhibit will showcase photography as well as a presentation by the artists themselves.

You should go because one, what’s a night without contemplative art to stimulate your intellectual senses? Two, admission is free, and three, there’s a cash bar.

Art and drinks—is there any better pairing? Wings and beer maybe? Yeah, I’m sure there are others, but that’s not the point. Go ahead, live a little. You can always grab your winds and beer after the show…and you probably should.

-Rochester Sartorial

And where back with another Sartorial Quick Tip: The Peacoat


It seems the peacoat, the double-breasted wool coat with broad lapels and wooden buttons, is popping up everywhere. From James Bond to Kanye West, anyone can and should have this maritime-essential in their closet.

Pretty much any fashion brand offers some variation of the peacoat. Better yet, you can pick up an authentic U.S. Navy issue peacoat at most army/navy surplus stores for half the coast of most major brands. Today you can find tailored versions that are brought in a bit giving it a slimmer profile. And stick to the primary peacoat colors: navy blue, charcoal, or black.

We recommend wearing the peacoat at casual events—friendly get-togethers, downtown loft parties, or even when you’re out running some errands. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up a bit through layers. Try a pair black slacks, dark khaki chinos, or even indigo jeans, a button down, and a thick cable knit sweater on top of that. Oh yeah, a scarf is almost always a must. But in all honesty, you can really do whatever you want with this thing, as long as you don’t try to pass it off as dressy.

-Rochester Sartorial

Veteran’s Day.


Rochester Sartorial is taking an extended weekend. More of like a “take half of the week off because it’s veteran’s day, and everyone should go spend time with their families” weekend.

We’ll continue our shenanigans on Thurday.

Rochester Sartorial: Always providing only the truest style advice—baked fresh daily. The way it ought to be.

Speaking of Art…


There’s a flier about town promising “One night of love…Art.”

It’s brought to you by Rochester’s UNderground ARTist happening—yeah catchy title. But it seems interesting enough.

Fella’s of the “Happening” are turning a Downtown warehouse into an art gallery for one night and one night only…Well, we hope not! This sorts of shin-dig is pretty popular in places like, Chicago, New York City, and LA. So lets keep them coming!

The artshow is going to feature:

  • 15 local artists. One of whom is Bobby Marines from “Thursdays on First” and various other art projects showcased in Downtown Rochester.
  • Their art—painting, photography, video, & sculpture,
  • Music
  • Drinks
  • And many other creative types looking to stir some creative and intellectual senses

Sounds good to us. We’ll have to check it out. We’ll report back with some highlights from the event.

-Rochester Sartorial

When and Where: Saturday, November 10, at 7:30pm. 115 N. Broadway.

Fifty Shades of Hipster-wear


Yeah yeah, it seems as though the iconic plastic-wraps, known as the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, are everywhere and on everyone—for a good reason.

Affordable and potential to look great on just about anyone, the Wayfarer has the magical ability to cross gender lines, face-shapes and attitudes. From city-hipster to business something-or-another, pretty much anyone can rock these. Besides, it’s cool to protect your eyes.

We recommend the New Wayfarer because of their updated size and fit. Try a matte havana finish with green lenses or the classic tortoise also with green lenses (noticing a trend here?). They’re actually less common than the simple blacks but will still get attention like some of the bolder colored frames—but in a good way. Being subtle, it takes a trained eye to notice them—which is the kind of company you’ll want to keep.

Plus, JFK had a pair of the tortoise—check please.

-Rochester Sartorial


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