Turkey Day do’s and don’ts.

Now were not saying you can’t cut loose and enjoy the evening like you ought to, but you’ll want to make sure you can at least look at your family when it’s all said and done. Style is more than just what you’re wearing—it’s swagger, and you don’t want to go around sacrificing that.

Here are just a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to holiday family etiquette.

  • Do bring a gift. We recommend something of the craft brew variety. Leave the domestics at home.
  • Don’t talk to much about the gift you brought. That goes for yourself too—not everyone is as interested in yourself as you are.
  • Do contribute to conversation—when appropriate. Pick your words wisely.
  • Don’t ask, “Are you going to finish that?”
  • Do participate in games. Avoid sulking at all costs.
  • Don’t overreact if your team is loosing in said games.
  • DON’T GET DRUNK! It may seems like great idea at the time, but this one is obvious. If it’s not obvious, don’t worry my young pa-da-won, you will soon understand the ways of swag.

So go forth, and have your self a good ol’ time.

-Rochester Sartorial


Veteran’s Day.


Rochester Sartorial is taking an extended weekend. More of like a “take half of the week off because it’s veteran’s day, and everyone should go spend time with their families” weekend.

We’ll continue our shenanigans on Thurday.

Rochester Sartorial: Always providing only the truest style advice—baked fresh daily. The way it ought to be.

Everyone Should Own at Lease One: A Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

MOULIN ROUGE: LA GOULUE, HENRI de TOULOUSE-LAUTREC 1891, lithograph on woven paper

We don’t care who you are. Every home deserves some great art. Whether you can afford the real thing or just a print doesn’t matter. Show your house some style-love and get something by the greats.

This piece by Toulouse-Lautrec is a great place to start. It’s recognizable but not too recognizable, so it will most likely start conversation—if you fancy that sort of thing. It’s full of color and will great on any wall or picture frame. So you can really design around this piece with any budget.

You can usually find prints—like this one!—from places like Michaels, Hobby-Lobby, or IKEA.  We recommend something modern with a bit of color.

Toulouse-Lautrec was a post-impressionist & art-Nouveau famous in Paris during the later 1800’s. He moved around a little bit, but that’s for another article.

-Rochester Sartorial

The Moka pot.


Who says you need an expensive espresso maker to get some great espresso at home? If you’re lookking to get into the espresso game, it might be worth while to check-out the stove-top espresso maker—also known as the Moka pot.

The Moka pot let’s you brew a great cup of espresso without too much fuss or cost really. This one by Bialetta will get you started at $30 for a six cups.

No home should be without means of making a great cup of espresso for yourself, for your guests, or for a quick pick-me-up just before taking on a project. Besides, let’s be real here. That expensive espresso maker is probably only going to collect more dust than.

Don’t get us wrong, nothing beats espresso and espresso drinks for a top-notch espresso maker. While Moka pots are great, they can’t make “true” espresso. True espresso requires at least nine bars of pressure, and the Moka pot produces a max of 1.5 bars of pressure. Still, it’s a great starting point and a great cup of espresso.

-Rochester Sartorial

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