The Cardigan: dress it up…or down. You choose.


The cardigan can dress-down an otherwise uptight slacks & dress-shirt combo, while being able to dress-up a jean & shirt combo.


Also, with the weather heading south, the cardigan is a layering icon—if there ever was such a thing. You don’t have to worry about pulling it over your head when things get a bit chilly…or hot.

If you are dressing-up a casual outfit, wear your cardigan like you’re not trying to call attention to yourself. Wear it like a matter-of-fact—such as, “Matter-of-fact: it’s chilly. I’m going to put on my cardigan to my otherwise fine outfit.” Do this and you will be just fine.

We recommend looking for neutral colors—grey, charcoal, or a variety of blues—so that you can pair it with as many items as you’d like. You want it to be versatile. Focus on texture (like the one in the picture). Texture says, “style” but in a subtle way.

-Rochester Sartorial



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