Sartorial Quick Tip: Telling Time.


What do you do when somebody asks you, “What time is it?” Hopefully, you’re not reaching into your pocket to grab your phone, or worse: the phone’s already in your hand because you just got done checking some text, tweet, or Facebook status update.

Don’t get us wrong, mobile phones are great. They do lots for us, but they’re never—never—a substitute for a fine timepiece.

You should care about owning a watch for the same reasons you feel naked without your wallet. Being with you day-in and day-out, your watch becomes a part of your personality. It makes a statement—a bold one. And yes, it tells time too.

The wristwatch is the pinnacle style-accessory. Now, you can go big, go subtle, or have a selection. That’s up to you and your income, social-status, or whatever you want to call it. Either way, every man should have his “everyday watch.” That’s a good starting point.

The your everyday watch should be durable (stainless steel=no rust), it should be style-neutral, and it should be of moderate to high-quality. This means passing on the vending machine digitals. Seriously, if it means saving up some green-backs, do it. It’s well worth it. Trust us.

-Rochester Sartorial


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